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sellers-1First impressions are critical when marketing your property for sale.  Your REALTOR professional will help you to get ready for your homes big debut on the real estate market.  Important factors to consider include:

  • CURB APPEAL-You may have the most beautiful home (on the inside) but if your house looks sad from the outside, it won’t get the attention it deserves!  Pay attention to your landscaping—a little sweat equity and some flowers go a long way.  Do you have peeling paint?  Deck need a fresh coat of stain?  Check out our links below for some more pointers on getting your home showcase ready.
  • LET THE LIGHT SHINE-Open curtains, replace burnt out light bulbs.  Try ambient lighting to warm up the room.  Consider leaving lights on prior to the showing so buyers can walk in to a nicely lit home versus searching for light switches.
  • DECLUTTER-Buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home.  Kitchens and bathrooms are busy locations for families and tend to attract the most “stuff”.  They are also some of the most important selling points of your house.  Check out this helpful article for some stellar advice on decluttering your home.
  • SMELLS-You are probably nose blind to smells in your own home, however-potential buyers are not and it makes a HUGE difference.  Read this article for some helpful tips on making buyers smell the potential in your home.
  • THE PRICE IS RIGHT-The TEAM at River’s Edge Realty will complete a free Market Analysis for you.  We base your home price on past SALES and make adjustments based on amenities your home has (or may not have) compared to those other properties that have sold.  We want you to get the best price possible—that means attracting as many buyers to view your house as we can.  If it’s overpriced, you may lose out on potential lookers-which translates to BUYERS.

The first impression is very important both to a buyer and to the sales force of the local real estate brokerage community. We will make suggestions to enhance your property prior to placing it on the market so that the first impression of the public through showings as well as through marketing materials gives excitement to the product. The first step is to make them excited about the exterior so the buyer “must see” your home. The second step is to “wow” them when they walk through the door. We will work together with you to make the “wow” sell your home.

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